Summary of what we know about the characters we met so far.

The Lady

The Lady.jpg

Lilly Anabelle Barker, or Lil-Ann. Thirty something. Red haired. Lives in Liverpool and supports Everton Football Club. Had been very disappointed, hurt even, in her previous relationships with men. Her last boyfriend crushed her self esteem.




The Frog

the-frog Talking frog, but it seems that only the Lady can understand him, while other people can only hear him croak. Age unknown. Speak with a French accent and peppers his speech with a few French words. Indiscriminate in love (probably due to deep rooted insecurity stemming from his relationship with his mother), he has been in many relationships which all ended badly. His last girlfriend was a witch, a real one, and turned him into a frog in a fit of jealousy. He supports Everton Football Club.